Wednesday, September 16, 2009

random thoughts

I'm having so much fun planning this (much needed) weekend away with Dean. It's going to be mostly sleeping and eating with a round of golf and a movie thrown in, but it's just so great because we haven't spent that much time together alone since we had Jordan.

So it appears I've had a normal period. Thank goodness. I was worried it was going to be heavy and long. But it was a standard 3 day period with one heavy day (though it was a little heavier than normal). So praying that this is the month.

I'm starting 'Lite'n'Easy' tomorrow. Well, Dean and I are doing it. We both need to drop a few kgs (just a few) and my doc recommended that I lose a couple as I'm at the higher end of the healthy weight range for my hieght. Aside from that, I just haven't been comfortable in my skin since having Jordan. I'm still 7kgs heavier than my pre-baby weight, and I figure losing it before the next pregnancy starts (or as it progresses) would probably help in retaining the pregnancy. I just want my body to be healthy. I really want this baby.

As for where I'm at in my cycle... who knows? I'm at the end of my period so I should be ovulating in about a week and a half, but Maybe Baby says I'm just about ovulating (as in a few days away) and as for the billings method (discharge) I'm no where near ovulating!! Argh!!! How about I just have as much sex as I can get from Dean and hope for the best?! How does that sound? Good? Good!

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