Thursday, September 24, 2009

good news

So I went to the doctor's today. She had all of my blood test results, except for the genetic testing, which isn't back just yet. Everything is perfectly normal, better than normal, I'm in the healthy range for everything. Which is great, and sad at the same time. It means that there's nothing wrong with me reproductively, which is great, and means I shouldn't have any issues doing this all again, but sad because the last one I lost, in particular, would most likely have been because of the flu I had for 4 weeks straight, followed by a bout of gastro. It means that if I hadn't been so sick, I would have had a successful pregnancy. And that makes me sad. But mostly I'm really happy! I don't have to have any invasive tests, lengthy waits to see specialists, in and out of waiting rooms, never being sure if everything we're doing is going to make any difference.

So today I am feeling blessed, and positive. And my doc is positive for this month to get pregnant. Maybe I already am!! These next couple of weeks are going to be long waiting to see if we were successful. But I'm concentrating on my health, and trying hard to enjoy this diet - it really is quite yummy, and I have no complaints, I'm just going through some withdrawls with chocolate, connoisseur icecream, pastries, creamy pastas.... oh man, I'm starting to drool. I'm sure once I start to see the numbers go down on the scales that I'll be feeling better about it. I'm feeling less bloated, less bulky around my mid section, which is because of the dramatic decrease in carbs I'm sure.

Anyways, that's it for today...

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