Sunday, September 6, 2009


I often wonder how exactly I'd cope with more children. Twins are always on my mind as my dad is a twin. How would I cope with twins? I'd cope of course. But there'd be some serious sacrifice of my 'down-time' which I cherish. I love having hours to myself at night time once Dean (hubby) and Jordan (son) are in bed. I love long showers (I am very 'green' in many other ways but a long hot shower is something I love too much to give up). I love my time to spend reading, watching tv, chatting with friends, flicking through home magazines dreaming of how I'm to decorate our next home. And the thought of that part of my life changing is a little disconcerting!

But these babies I want so dearly are worth any sacrifice of personal time. Plus I'm not against hiring a cleaner for a while if I need to! As far as I'm concerned, that's a good way to spend our baby bonus!

But at this point, this is all just wondering and pondering, my period is due on thursday and I'll know soon whether we were 'successful' this month or not.

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