Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I've been having those teeny tiny cramps that you get when you're (early) pregnant. They were going for quite a while this evening. I'm trying not to pin my hopes on a few stupid cramps that could be anything, but just sticking it to my mental notice board. I'm so dreadfully tired. I really haven't been getting enough sleep, so tonight will hopefully be an early night.

I checked out a house nearby to mum and dad's place (where we've been living for about 4 months) and it's just (almost) perfect! There's like 3 things wrong with it - 3 bedrooms instead of 4, no dishwasher recess, and an ugly facade. But other than that (which don't put me off, because they just don't matter), it's just perfect! So here's hoping that we get approved by the landlords!


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