Friday, June 25, 2010


Since my last post I've seen my normal GP. She felt for bub and said she was head down. Then a moment later she felt again, and baby had moved to the side! She was then on the diagonal, with her butt under my right rib, and head down near my left hip! This is classified as an 'unstable lie' where she is somewhere between head down, and transverse, often switching between the two. This can be just as bad as transverse because if I do go in to labour, thinking she's head down, she might move, which will mean an emergency caesar. So I'm really hoping, praying actually, that on monday the scan will show her in a definite position (either transverse or breech) that will cause the OB to book me in for a caesar. It's not something I want to risk, and I couldn't spend the next 4 weeks waiting for labour to start, hoping that she's ok. I'd have to go straight to hospital, and be monitored constantly. It would be very stressful. And if she keeps flipping around, the cord could wrap around her neck, which is bad both inside the womb, and also in delivery. I've been googling it and have read enough to feel very strongly that an elective caesar is the best way to go for us.
Now I'm just praying for an obvious position in the scan where the OB will want to book me in for a caesar within a few days. I can get Kristal over here quickly and it can all be over and I can know that she is safe and sound on the outside, where I can protect her.
Praying praying praying...
Please Lord, this really is the best thing for me and my girl, You've brought us this far xx

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