Sunday, June 13, 2010

35 weeks!!

Wow, I haven't posted in almost 3 months! I've been so busy, and so sick. Goodness. I had the flu for 6 weeks, then got hit with gastro, then Jordan got sick, and we've not really fully recovered yet. Not being able to take drugs prolongs it all so much, but this girl is so worth it.

It's been a big few months. We had another 4d scan at 30 weeks which showed a healthy chubby little girl who looked so much like her big brother. Honestly, at 30 weeks I expected her to be a little bit skinny but she has the chubbiest cheeks and looks like a newborn!

We had our scan at 33 weeks to check the position of the placenta and I've got 8cm on one side and 13cm on the other side - we only needed a clearance of 2-3cm! So natural birth it is for us :) At the scan she was measured. My dates were 33 weeks exactly, her head measured for 34 weeks, her belly for 35 weeks, and her legs 36 weeks!!! Unbelievable. What a leggy little thing :) I'm just glad it wasn't her head that measured the biggest!! And the estimate of her weight it approx 5pounds, already... eek! Hopefully she wont be overdue.

I saw my doc regarding the results, and one thing they did find was that the umbillical 'ratio' (ratio to what exactly I'm not sure, but anyway) is within the normal range but at the high end, and if that ratio goes up it could prevent proper blood flow to the baby, which could inhibit her growth. All is probably absolutely perfect, but it's something they want to check anyway. So my 36 week appt was meant to be next week but Sandie wanted me to have an early one tomorrow (35 weeks) so they can check to see if bub has grown over the last two weeks. As with everything, right from the very start, I have absolute peace that this little girl will be absolutely perfect. And I know that if she's born early, she will be healthy and chubby because I've seen her! And she will be just fine. God has had His hand on this pregnancy even before I knew I was pregnant, and all will be fine.

And to be truthful, now I'm 35 weeks, I really don't mind her coming early :) I've been waiting a long time for this precious little butterfly. Praise God.

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