Monday, March 29, 2010


A month since I've written! Wow. It's been a busy month. We finally had our 4d scan a few days ago. It ended up being closer to 24 weeks than 22 weeks as the babies are so thin and you can't see more than bones and skin. However at 24 weeks we got a good look at HER :) yes, definitely a girl. So exciting! Once the sonographer got me to roll onto my side all of a sudden she looked quite well formed and could make out sweet little features like her nose and jaw and brow - she looks very much like Jordan, which is great! Jordan was a very beautiful, pretty baby that could have passed as either a boy or a girl.
On the way to the scan Jordan was very quiet and about 5 mins before we arrived he power spewed all over himself. Poor little man. He seemed quite ok - it didn't distress him in the least, until he realised he was covered in it and then flipped out - he really hates to be dirty. Luckily we weren't far and got there early enough that we could strip him down in the carpark and clean him up and dress him again. It's incredible how quickly little ones bounce back after being sick. Once we got his soiled clothes off him, he was bouncing around the carpark naked saying 'I want to go play with the toys!!!' - we'd told him that while we're looking at the baby there'll be lots of fun toys for him to play with. So he hasn't looked back! And has been fine since. However he did freak out when the chick was doing the sonogram, thinking she was hurting me. He really freaked out. Luckily mum was there, and she took him outside. But we decided in the end to cut it short and have another 1/2 session at 29 weeks, which will work out great as this scan was 20 minutes and we got 50 photos!! Definitely worth the money.
So a little girl, how exciting :)

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