Friday, February 26, 2010

shy little butterfly :)

So my scan was on monday. I haven't blogged about it yet because I've just been so busy. But the scan went well, Bean is just perfect and so pretty! When we came to the end of the scan the technician went to look between the legs to confirm the sex and my shy little butterfly had it's legs sealed shut!! We tried for a while but to no avail. The chick then informed me that throughout the scan she hadn't seen any obvious 'boy bits' so it was safe to say that it was a girl, but would need confirming at a later date. We'll be having our 3d scan very soon to confirm, but as we'd felt quite strongly that it was a girl from the start, as had everyone else, and the pregnancy is SO DIFFERENT (seriously, worlds apart!) we felt confident enough to go out and splurge on some pink things :) I've already filled one plastic tub. Fun fun! However if the next scan shows the presence of some boys bits then I've made a mental note of all the great boys stuff I want to buy and have kept the tags and receipts for all my purchases so far. So we'll know in about 2 1/2 weeks fingers crossed!

However, the only thing that most likely wont, but may be an issue, is that my placenta is quite low, just touching the cervix. Not so low to cause concern straight away but enough for them to want to schedule another scan for 32-38 weeks (yay!) to make sure it's moved into a better spot. Which I feel it probably will. Mostly because they just generally do, but also because I'm starting to feel some kicks (which, though they're still quite gentle, are coming quite frequently now - thank God!!) very low down. I'd known my placenta was at the front all along because I hadn't felt any movement for weeks, so it wasn't surprising for me to learn this. But we'll wait and see. I'm sure everything will work out just fine.

We're not really talking about names as it's been such a contentious issue in the past, but I feel we'll probably go with what Jordan was going to be which is Lucinda, but we'll call her Lucy. And I think Rose as the middle name because I really really like it, and I thought it would win Dean over because his beloved Grandma's name was Rosie. But we'll probably wait until 30+ weeks to start discussing it. Also I really don't like naming a baby before it's born - what if the scan is wrong after all? What if when she's born she doesn't look anything like the name you've picked for her? And I just think it's a little bit weird. No issues with other people doing it, it's just not for me. But it will most likely be Lucy :)

I'm 20 weeks in just a few days. I honestly can't comprehend how quickly it's gone. And the second half of something always goes faster. You're travelling down hill and it cruises by so much faster than the uphill ride. There's still a whole lot I would like to get done and get sorted by the time July rolls around. Mostly selling our house so we can free up some money and get started on the next chapter in our lives. I'm just so glad we're not stuck in that poky depressing house, though we still own it, we're so settled here in our temorary - but gorgeous - rental, that I don't have much to do with the other house at all and I kind of forget about it most of the time! So we're not putting the pressure on ourselves to get it sold by July - as we all know you can't force something like the sale of a house!! - but we do want to get it on the market, and sorted well and truly by then. And if - God willing - it sells by then, then it would just be a major blessing.

As far as our rental goes, I just want the furniture sorted out, the bedrooms and storage organised, which I'm making a real dent in at the moment, pictures on the wall, extra things we no longer want or need sold, and the backyard finished. We're not far off, as it's a courtyard, I just want it dressed and looking pretty. Aside from that, if the next 20 weeks fly, then that's fine by me!!

Love you little butterfly, can't wait to be your mamma, smell your skin, stroke your hair, shower you in millions of kisses, hold you close, cherish you... xx

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