Friday, February 12, 2010

9 sleeps and counting...

Almost 18weeks. Almost half way. Praise God. The wait is tough. Made even harder because this bub doesn't kick much. Jordan made himself known from 12 weeks and I never had to wonder if he was still there. I haven't felt much at all for a few weeks. And the few times I thought I've felt something, Bean hasn't repeated his/her performance for me to judge if it really is a kick or just my belly gurgling away. But I still feel calm, and I have just 9 sleeps til my 19 week scan. And then I will be buying either a whole lot of pink or a whole lot of blue! Who knows.

I've gained 2.5kgs so far, which I'm quite pleased with. I spoke to my doctor about controlling my gain as I was already lugging around 7kgs after Jordan and she said just to cut down on the carbs and amp up the vegetables. In the next week after seeing her (at which point my 2kg gain was spot on for 2nd trimester requirements) I gained 2 extra kgs!! My gain was now at 4kgs which I was not impressed about. So I cut out the toast at breakfast, the sandwiches for lunch, the mountains of mashed potato and rice for dinner, and replaced breakky with fruit/yogurt/special k, lunch got swapped for soup or a tuna and salad wrap, and dinner was mostly veges with a bit of meat and very small amount of rice or noodles, and those extra kgs came off in a week! I'm now back down to a 2.5kg gain which is just under for my weeks, which is just perfect. Quite happy with that. Based on either a gain of somewhere between 0-2kgs for the first trimester, and .5kg for every week after, my weight gain could be anything up to 5kgs and would still be classified as 'normal'. Quite chuffed really.

Went through J's old newborn baby clothes today, sorting in to piles of 'unisex' and 'definitely boy' and it felt really nice, bringing back memories of dressing my little newborn in my favourite outfits. I literally gave away boxes and boxes of clothes that I wasn't that attached to, things that were stained beyond being suitable for use again, and things that never really got used as I didn't like the look of them (fussy girl), and was still left with two big tubs of newborn clothes up to about 00. Everything else since then (that hasn't already been given away - even after giving away 80% of it), is still in tubs in J's wardrobe, and they're definitely boy stuff so I'll give it another week and if we don't need them, will get some vacuum bags and store them in the garage. Jordan has been given so many clothes. Dean's mum bought everything in sight when I was pregnant and presented me with two large suitcases full of clothes from Target. There were hundreds of items. And that's not counting everything everyone else got him, and everything I couldn't resist buying. I expect things will be the same this time around. Fun :)

9 sleeps and counting...

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