Thursday, June 17, 2010

cheeky baby

I had my scan yesterday. She is perfect. Growing like a weed actually! She's gained 2 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks! And all over is measuring between 37-38 weeks, but I'm only 35 1/2 weeks :P goodness me. Oh and her estimated weight is 7 1/2 pounds!!! SD ratio was perfect, and she's obviously getting the nutrients she needed, so all good on that front.

However. The little miss has moved. Yep. After being in the perfect position for most of the 3rd trimester, she's gone and moved into a transverse position - worse than breech - where her head is under my left rib, her bum is under my right rib, and her feet are on my cervix. Awesome. And she's unlikely to move. She's obviously done it because she's running out of room, and is more comfortable where she is now, which is totally understandable, I mean, fair enough girl! So if we did move her (which Sandie assures me they wouldn't because it's painful and dangerous) there's a good chance she'll just move right back because she'll be uncomfortable. So that means a caesar for me. Far out. So much for coming to peace (after desperately wanting a caesar for the first two years after having Jordan!) with a natural birth. I'd even decided on a waterbirth, with accupuncture! But this isn't meant to be. And last night I was feeling ok about it. But this morning I woke up feeling tight in the chest and panicky and I couldn't get a proper breath. I ended up getting up early with Jordan, making a hot chocolate, and vegemite on toast. Which has made me feel less nauseas but I'm still anxious. Ugh. This sucks. So I'm now asking friends who have had great caesars to tell me their stories to try and alleviate the nerves. I so hope they'll get this over with soon. Sandie thinks they'll book me in at 37 weeks, which is a week from Monday. On Monday I have my normal 36 week checkup and the hospital doctor will probably book me in for the following Monday, or sometime shortly after. Because it's such a dangerous position for her to be in if I to go in to labour, they can't risk it by making it closer to 39 weeks which is what they'd do for a baby who is in the standard breech position. So this could all be over with in about 10 days!!

As for the strong contractions I was having the other night, turns out they were her moving position. No wonder. It was just so bizarre to be in that room again, and hearing the guy tell me that she's transverse. Two days earlier I was at the hospital, on monitors, checking everything out and she was head down! The midwife felt her! Less than 48 hours later I'm told she's moved. I know that this is God's plan, and I trust that. And I do have peace knowing this is what needs to be done, I really do. I'm just freaking out about the procedure that's all. Oh God, help me.

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