Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I had a session with my accupuncturist today. I should have been back there weeks ago (after their month off to go to Europe) but with all this questioning surrounding whether I'd have a natural birth or caesar there was no point in having sessions if I didn't need them.

So now we know, and now we can go ahead! I walked in and he said how many weeks left, and I replied less than 2, then told him baby is big and measuring ahead of weeks and would he be able to do some induction techniques... and he said he'd be very happy to start induction on me!! Woo-freaking-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! At last someone who is taking this baby's size and gestation seriously and is willing to do use some natural techniques to bring this baby on!

So Paul did pretty much the same points he used when we were trying to get Jordan moving almost 4 years ago. One in each little toe, one next to each knee, one near each ankle, and one in each hand between the index finger and thumb. And goodness, the pains (contractions really) were rather strong - quite like bad period pain, tightness in the low abdominals, low back pain, and even some achiness in my butt cheeks - weird!! Haha. They were pretty much constant for the whole session, and I've been having pre-labour contractions ever since. Hopefully this will do the trick! I have another session on thursday and we'll take it from there.

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