Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well it's been an eventful few weeks since my last post. I've basically been in labour on and off for weeks, but it just wont progress or establish. Jordan had chronic vomiting and diarrhea since friday last week, and developed a fever and severe lethargy since sunday. Poor little guy. So sad.
So we took him to see the doc this morning and none of the normal checks showed anything, so sent him off for full blood works. It was horrendous. So awful to have to restrain your crying child while someone puts a needle in them :( Luckily he'd had some anisthetic cream applied to his arms earlier so it didn't actually hurt, it was more that he was frightened by the whole situation.
We have a follow up appointment tomorrow and hopefully know what's wrong with him shortly.

It's amazing how God has had his hand on the timing of this baby's birth. Had she come a few days ago, I could still be in hospital, and J wouldn't have been able to visit us (which, when all he wants is mummy, would have been so traumatic for him) if I'd had her earlier and we'd been home, we would have had to keep her away from him in case it's contagious, and I would have been having to be extra careful I didn't spread it from one child to another. But because this baby is perfectly, safely wrapped up in my belly, I'm able to completely devote myself to my son, without compromising the health or care of my daughter. God is so good.

And it's incredible, the link between the mind, body, and heart. I've gone into labour so many times - especially over the last week, but every time the contractions get intense, Jordan throws up, or his temp burns up, and he needs me, and then the contractions all but disappear. Amazing.

My induction is booked for friday morning, so I have less than 48 hours to have to wait for the beginning of this little girl entering the world. At my 41 week appt, the doc tried to make my induction for wednesday - which is today, but they were so booked up that they made it for friday instead. Needless to say I was a little deflated by the thought, but I know now that for Jordan to go through everything without me there, it would have been just awful. And I would have felt so selfish for being in hospital with my newborn while he's distressed calling out for his mumma :( Again, God is so so SO good.

Something also hit me last night. When I had my first few scans, they said that I was two days off with my conception date. I was actually 2 days less pregnant than my dates according to my last period. They don't bother to change the dates unless it's off by 6 days or more. So I always knew I was two days less, which makes my induction at 9 days past due, instead of 11. And at the end of a pregnancy, it's things like that that can do your head in!! I kept thinking 11 days! It's meant to be 1o tops!! But knowing it's 9, well, it kinda helps :)

So I will have a wriggly pink warm little baby girl in my arms in probably 48 hours!! Can't believe this pregnancy, waited for for so long, is almost over! Just 48 hours. Incredible. Thank you God for bringing me through this time, and bringing me to this point. Thank you thank you thank you. I love you.

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