Sunday, January 3, 2010

still calm...

I had some bleeding last night. I so didn't need this. It hasn't broken my resolve, and while it unsettled me, I didn't lose sleep over it. We'd just had sex when I noticed the all-too-familiar pink staining when I went to the toilet. I'd had some feelings of 'tightness' not quite cramping, but not exactly comfortable either, for the better part of the last week, as well as some lower back pain. I told my doctors at church today and they don't feel too concerned. They thought there was no point in me rushing out to get an emergency scan (which there's no guarantee I would get after waiting in the emergency room for hours anyway) when I'm having my 12week tomorrow. This has to be fine. This baby has to be alive. I have to see four limbs waving about and a perfect little heart flashing away. But I still feel calm. Praise God.

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